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“Almost, Maine” takes center stage at Town and Country Players


Get ready for a winter wonderland of emotions as Town and Country Players presents “Almost, Maine,” a heartwarming romantic comedy opening Friday, that will leave the audience laughing, crying, and believing in the magic of love.

Directed by Paul Waldowski, and produced by Anne Hauck, join the cast and crew as they transport viewers to the enchanting town of Almost, where love is as unpredictable as the Northern Lights. The play, written by John Cariani, follows the quirky and lovable residents of Almost as they navigate the ups and downs of romance in a series of vignettes.

Whether it’s falling in love under the stars, rekindling an old flame, or discovering the true meaning of love, “Almost, Maine” has a story that will resonate with everyone. “It’s such a cute story about love,” Caitlin Davies, who plays Deena, says of the show. “Audiences should be ready to laugh and cry and fall in love.”

Tricia Curley, who plays Glory, and Rob Clark, who plays East, are a couple off the stage as well. Audiences will get to see the real-life couple perform in the vignette “Her Heart,” where they play characters navigating new love.

“Getting to perform alongside the person you’re in love with is a really special experience; there’s so much comfort and trust built into the scene when you know your scene partner so well,” says Curley of the experience. Clark adds “[We] go on stage and try to show the world we aren’t smitten with each other…at least not initially. It’s a challenge, but one we’re both aptly ready (and excited) to share with everyone.”

The cast is rounded out by Ava Echternacht (Ginette), Robert Reiser (Pete), Carly Covel (Sandrine), Riley Frankhouser (Jimmy/Lendall), Julie Massa (Marvalyn), Sean Matthew O’Neill (Steve), Kathryn Loveless (Gayle). Sydney Broitman (Shelly), Jennifer Pilchman (Marci), Dave Levy (Phil), Julie Simeone (Hope), Tom Hawe (The Man), Jackie Parzanese (Rhonda), and Kevin Christian (Dave).

“Almost, Maine” runs Oct 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, and 28 at 8 p.m. with matinees at 2 p.m. Oct. 15, 20 and 28. Town and Country Players is located on Route 263 in Buckingham. For information and tickets, visit or call 215-348-7566. Tickets are $20.