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HISTORY LIVES: Beware of Ghosts at B. Maxwell’s


Beware of Ghosts at B. Maxwell’s. In the late 1990s, 37 N. Main St. in Doylestown was purchased by Mike Zoto who ran the eatery called B. Maxwell’s (today’s M.O.M.’s). The following is condensed from “Beware at B. Maxwell’s,” published in Bucks County Ghost Stories by Charles J Adams III, 1999.

“I’ve had experiences here,” Mike said within the lovely high Victorian confines of B. Maxwell’s. “I know others have had many encounters, and I can say that in the early 1900’s, someone did hang themselves in the basement. Even though it was a man who hanged himself down there, it’s a woman’s ghost — I think her name is Rosemary — that haunts this place.” As research and interviews broadened we discovered that she is not alone in the swirl of energy inside the restaurant. Employees and patrons have reported glimpses of unidentifiable passers-by. Several employees said they have heard their names called by a hushed, female voice. Others say they distinctly heard someone whisper, “Excuse me. . .” when there was nobody else around. An employee saw a brown jacket disengage itself from a coat rack and float over his head.

A day supervisor offered this story. “Our manager was at the register on the first floor and had just put down the receipts for the night. He was distracted and turned. As he looked back all the receipts were gone. He looked through everything. He was getting madder by the minute. He went away for a few seconds and came back. There they were, right on top of his books. He said, “You idiot!” And as he said that standing in front of him was an old woman, sunken eye sockets, curly black hair, an old apron, and an old-fashioned green and white dress. When he called her an idiot, she just briefly appeared and then disappeared! He took all his business cash and receipts up to the office to put them away. And then the door opened and shut. . . opened and shut. . .ten times!”