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Thoughts from an Epicure: Supermarket finds


Patti and I like good barbecue. That’s one part of cooking I never got involved with. Since I don’t cook outside and don’t have a grill, it’s a lot easier to buy pre-cooked BBQ. There are several available in supermarkets. Most we’ve tried have been good.

Recently, we were participating in an antiques show in Berks County, Pa. The venue has a small kitchen and eating area. Patti went for lunch and got a pulled pork sandwich. It was so good that she went back to tell the woman in charge, who responded, “We didn’t make it. It’s Jack Daniel’s pulled pork. I always have some on hand.” On my next trip to the store, I looked for, found, and bought a package. It’s among the best BBQ I’ve tasted, piled on a split potato slider roll, eaten with a knife and fork. Jack Daniel’s also offers pulled chicken, which is good. Yet, we think the pork is better. The brand is a little more expensive but worth it, at least to us.

When “Pacific wild caught salmon” is on sale, I buy it. I often have some for dinner that night, and freeze what we don’t eat right away. Since most of these fish fillets have skin on one side, I learned a trick to fry or broil one without it curling. Cook the skin side first. Half way through, flip it to the other side and finish cooking. This way, the fillet will remain flat.

I like food items that are in easy reseal bags. However, I had trouble opening them. My shaky fingers couldn’t get between the two layers. I solved it. After excess paper or plastic has been cut off, I use a pair of scissors to trim away a small section of one side only (see photo), allowing me to easily open the bag. Problem solved!

Enjoy and stay safe.

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