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Pickering Manor receives grant for On Demand! music programs for memory care residents


Pickering Manor’s Memory Care has received a $2,500 grant from the Rostair Foundation toward On Demand! music programming for those affected by dementia.

This is the third grant the Rostair Foundation has given toward this program for Pickering Manor residents.

The Rostair Foundation currently contributes to a wide range of charities, with a focus on charities that they believe promote peaceful, healthy, and vibrant communities. Pickering Manor and On Demand! encompass this belief.

For over 14 years, On Demand! has been connecting high-quality performers and speakers to the Bucks County community and beyond. Its mission is to create inspiring programs to enrich lives and promote positive change.

Additionally, for the past eight years, On Demand! has partnered with the Dementia Society of America to provide programs to enhance the lives of those affected by dementia.

Pickering Manor fan favorite, On Demand! performer Jeff Dershin recounts a staff member saying, “Jeff, you know that man that was singing along with you? Well, generally, he doesn’t talk to other folks or participate in activities, but the music really woke him up!”

Dershin said he hears similar comments week in and week out and considers music a type of “magic key” that has the power to communicate with people, even dementia patients, on a profound level. He said it has been his great privilege to access this “key” as part of his professional life as a musician.

Pickering Manor Memory Care Administrator Meri Luarasi said, “Music is an immensely powerful therapy; it can improve behavior, mood, memory, and cognition in those affected by dementia.

“With this grant, Pickering Manor’s Memory Care can continue to connect our residents affected by dementia with quality performers. This gift is a blessing to us; we are beyond grateful for the Rostair Foundation’s generosity, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with On Demand! Programs and Events.”

Natalie Kaye, president of On Demand! Program and Events, said, “On Demand is so grateful for the opportunity to share these talented performers with Pickering Manor to bring enrichment and joy to the lives of the residents there. We understand the healing power of music and are so happy to be part of this healing therapy for the memory care neighborhood.”

For information, contact Pickering Manor at 215-968-3878, or

Contact On Demand! at 215-579-1836, or online.