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Residents enjoy robust social calendar at Ann’s Choice


When Ann and Andy George moved from Northern New Jersey to Ann’s Choice, an Erickson Senior Living community in Bucks County, four years ago, they didn’t know a soul.

But thanks to the community’s active, social environment, their circle of friends quickly expanded.

“Our first introduction to people was through the restaurants,” recalled Ann George. “Everyone was so friendly. When we arrived, the staff would ask, ‘Are you eating with anyone tonight?’ If we said ‘no,’ they would sit us at a table for four so we could meet new people.”

George said that eating with neighbors was a good starting point, as it introduced them to a large number of people in a short amount of time. “We established a lot of friendships in the community that way. After a while, it got to the point where we would bump into someone on the way to dinner whom we had eaten with before!” she notes.

Now, in addition to dining with friends on occasion, the couple immerses themselves in the myriad clubs and events on campus that are designed for every interest.

“Having enjoyable social connections is an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of personal health and well-being,” said Dr. Matt Narrett, chief medical officer at Erickson Senior Living. “From a robust calendar of events and dozens of clubs to sharing a meal together with friends, our communities are designed to maximize engagement opportunities.”

Playing mah-jongg and participating in the Aqua Sculpt class at the community’s aquatic center are some of her favorite activities, George said.

While George appreciates the ability to meet others around campus, she also loves hosting private dinners to meet and greet her floormates.

“I feel fortunate to live on such a wonderful floor,” George said. “We get together pretty regularly. We acquire a room and everyone on our floor is invited. And we’re always welcoming new neighbors because there’s always new people moving into the building!”

George noted that, because of her effort to connect with others, she now has more friends than she’s ever had before.