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WWII vet shares story of Japanese prisoner at Angelic Health Vet to Vet Café


There were some great exchanges of stories at Angelic Health’s recent Vet2Vet Café at Symphony Manor in Feasterville.

“It’s always an honor to sit and work with veterans in our community, especially our veterans that served during combat,” said Angelic Health’s Vlad Martiuk, a veteran himself.

John Brenton, a U.S. Army WWII Veteran who served in Saipan as an infantry soldier from 1943 to 1945, provided information on a drawing that a captured Japanese soldier provided to him through a young Japanese woman while in captivity.

The captured Japanese soldier returned all the money stolen from American Marines killed in combat. He secretly provided the money within the painting, which was folded up. The painting is of a special flower that blooms once a year for one day. When the flower blooms it means the season will change to fall. This represents change and new beginning. This shows that through the harshest of situations, one can always forgive and move forward with ones life. The U.S. has developed a very special relationship with Japan since the war ended in 1945.

To learn more about Angelic Health’s Vet2Vet Café, call 267-858-1494.