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The Poet's Corner

Your Dandelion


You were gifted a dandelion

Many moons ago

The flower helped you laugh

The flower helped you grow

But the dandelion itself

Had nowhere left to go

So you put on a brave face

And let it break your heart

You send your flower off

And give it a brand-new start

With a single breath

You blow the seeds away

And watch them rest

In a new field

Not so far away

Who knows?

Maybe you’ll go back

And visit that field

Some day.

Peyton Barnes is a poet, equestrian, and soon to be high school freshman. She has been writing poetry for about six months and looks forward to continuing her craft in Creative Writing class in the fall.

Poet’s Corner is curated by Bucks County Poet Laureate Tom Mallouk and supported by a grant to the Bucks County Herald Foundation made possible by Marv and Dee Ann Woodall.