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Guest Opinion

My decisions will put West Rockhill residents first


West Rockhill Township deserves a change in leadership, and I am running to be that change.

Incumbent Jay Keyser has been in office for 18 years and has taken approximately $500K of our tax dollars to fund the personal health and dental care for himself and his family. This year alone he will cost taxpayers $42K. If reelected, the costs will increase by approximately $300K over the course of his six-year term. Coincidentally, the cost of his health care is roughly the same amount needed to make repairs to our community pool, which Mr. Keyser says the township cannot afford.

No other surrounding township offers its elected officials more than $8K/year in benefits. I want Keyser’s lavish health benefit to stop. I will not take any health insurance or stipends when I am elected your new supervisor.

Mr. Keyser rejected the recommendations of our police chief to replace an aging vehicle with 132,000 miles. How can we maintain a functioning police fleet that travels 30 square miles patrolling and responding to emergencies without a regular maintenance and replacement policy? Mr. Keyser, “concerned about costs,” also rejected the chief’s well thought-out, documented recommendation to increase manpower. His poor decision-making leaves us responding to emergencies with an aging vehicle and limited staff.

I will ensure the funding for a regular vehicle replacement policy is in the annual budget, and our police department is staffed so residents get the quick response they need.

I worked to stop the construction of the quarry our township was forced by a court order to allow. I was selected for the committee to investigate the impact of a proposed asphalt plant in West Rockhill.

Mr. Keyser has publicly expressed his support for the expansion of the quarry that has already affected residents’ wells and the roads they travel. I will never support the quarry expansion and the problems it creates for our residents.

My service to our community continued when I was elected to the Pennridge School Board where I found common ground and supported sensible, bipartisan solutions. Here, I contributed to the Contract Negotiating Committee, and Superintendent Search Committee.

As a member of the Upper Bucks County Technical School Board, I oversaw $23 million in renovations and program expansion. I served as the president of the Bucks County Intermediate Unit and currently serve as vice chair of the Bucks County Behavioral Health/Developmental Programs Advisory Board.

Your well-being as a West Rockhill resident is the most important consideration in this township. For too long our elected West Rockhill Township officials have used our tax dollars for their personal healthcare while letting our police department and community pool scramble for adequate funding.

Please vote for me this November and I will make decisions and direct funds to services that benefit you. I will put you first because you deserve nothing less.

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Ada Miller is a candidate for West Rockhill Township Supervisor.