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Guest Opinion

Pennridge is worth protecting


As a nominee on the “Protect Pennridge” slate of candidates for Pennridge School Board, I’m proud that each of us comes from a different background with our own set of life experiences and diverse perspectives. What unites us is our appreciation for Pennridge and a shared commitment to ensuring that it remains a wonderful place to live. While negativity often dominates politics, we’ve chosen to run on positivity and a profound love for our community.

We firmly believe that Pennridge is worth protecting. That’s more than a bumper sticker platitude to us — it’s reflected in the way we’ve built our campaign team as a fully local community-led effort with no paid political consultants, outside interest groups, or funding from beyond the district. You won’t see shadowy political organizations buying up billboard space to disparage Pennridge on our behalf.

Instead, you’ll see our hand-painted banners that come straight from Bob Sellers’ farm. I think that speaks volumes about what we stand for.

Thanks to steady Republican leadership, Pennridge stands on solid ground. Our home values are rising faster than neighboring areas. This generates increased development, which fuels growth of local businesses and infrastructure. Most importantly, it increases school district revenue without raising tax rates. Pennridge boasts zero tax increases for seven straight years — a feat practically unheard of in Pennsylvania. Yet we’re still financially strong enough to substantially increase teacher salaries, hire a promising superintendent who lives in the district and maintain all the capital projects that keep the district in good shape. All of these things and more are only possible because Pennridge is a place where people want to live, so we continue to grow.

This growth and development is a result of Pennridge’s successfully navigating the difficult issues that other districts can’t.

Most recently, we became the first district in Bucks County to designate bathrooms on the basis of biological sex. We’ve also passed policies ensuring ideological neutrality in the classroom and age appropriateness in resource materials. These actions — which require strong, principled leadership — make people want to live here, because they know that protecting students is the district’s top priority.

That dedication to student success is clear in the numbers. Our graduation rate is 8% higher than the state average, our students excel further in AP courses, and far more of our students pursue higher education or vocational training.

In a political climate filled with negativity, Pennridge shines as a beacon of community pride. We believe in preserving the values that make Pennridge a special place to live, work and raise a family. By investing in our community’s future and fostering an environment of growth and prosperity, we will ensure that Pennridge remains vibrant and thriving for generations to come. Pennridge is worth protecting, and we, the “Protect Pennridge” slate, are dedicated to that mission.

Joshua Hogan lives West Rockhill and is a candidate for Pennridge School Board.