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AARP Pennsylvania sounds alarm for increased vigilance during Medicare Open Enrollment


AARP Pennsylvania strongly urges Medicare beneficiaries to exercise extra caution during this year’s Medicare Open Enrollment period, which runs through Dec. 7.

A recent data breach involving a government contractor put an alarming number of Medicare beneficiaries at risk, heightening the importance of vigilance during a time already susceptible to fraudulent activities.

“Hearing about any data breach always adds an extra layer of urgency to an already critical time. As people are making essential health care decisions during Medicare’s Open Enrollment, we urge them to be vigilant in safeguarding their personal information,” said Kate Kleinert, a volunteer with AARP Pennsylvania’s Consumer Issues Task Force.

Each year during Medicare’s Open Enrollment, there is a notable increase in fraudulent activities aimed at Medicare beneficiaries. This year’s data breach has escalated the risk, making it more crucial than ever for individuals to be alert and cautious.

What you can do:

– Double-check communication: Be skeptical of unsolicited calls or emails claiming to be from Medicare or health care providers. Always verify the source.

– Guard your Medicare number: Treat your Medicare number like a credit card. Only provide it to trusted health care providers.

– Review plans carefully: During Open Enrollment, carefully review your health care and prescription options. Don’t be rushed into making a decision by “limited-time offers.”

– Consult trusted sources: Seek advice from credible sources like AARP’s Medicare Resource Center before changing your health care plan.